Mohib Ebrahim’s Climategate poster at NREL

December 31, 2009

I downloaded the large version of Mohib Ebrahim’s very nicely made climategate timeline from Jo Nova’s blog.  The local FedEx Kinko’s copy store printed out the 8 foot by 3 foot work of art in black and white for a mere $17.   This poster is now hanging on the wall of my office cubicle at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  It will be interesting to see how this goes over with my colleagues.  Here is a picture of the poster….

The cheapest way that I could find to make a color version in the US is to print out the 18 page version (825 kBytes, courtesy of Jo Nova and Mohib Ebrahim) on 11″ x 17″ paper at about $2 a page, then paste them together.   If money is no object, you can print out the 8 foot by 3 foot color version on a single sheet for about $180.

By the way, does anybody have more information about Mohib Ebrahim?  He deserves a lot of publicity for this timeline.

Click on this image to get to Jo Nova's site and links to several different versions of the timeline.



  1. Very cool — do you have a larger photo of it.

    He posted a bit about himself on JoNova’s site:


    Also he also mentioned in post 33 he’s got an update in the works:

    … Therefore, I welcome all feedback on improvements, glaring omissions, or factual errors, grammatical or other silly errors (like mixing up a source), and/or rewording that would make a point more accurate or less open to misinterpretation, etc. etc. Being a one-man show trying to keep some 35 pages of densely packed facts and text accurate (yes, that’s how much is actually on the chart, although two-thirds is probably quotations), I’m sure there are many typos and grammatical errors. I plan to do an update to fix mistakes, …

  2. Best poster ever. (Okay, maybe the Farrah Fawcett pin-up was pretty good too).

  3. By the way, Happy New Year.

  4. You have guts. I’d guess that there are those at NREL who don’t fancy your skepticism.

  5. Hello Tom,

    Thanks for your kind words and support.

    I must say the chart looks very impressive when printed. The reaction from your colleagues will be interesting to learn about; it would seem from the other commentators you’re a lone voice!

    We’ve had a few requests for printed copies of the chart and others who intend to print it of for themselves. The Kinko’s price of $17 is about 1/3 the cost of all the B&W quotes I’ve received! I had a few questions if you’d be kind enough to answer so I can advise others:

    a) Did you get it printed at full size or was it scaled down/or up slightly? At full size the text is only 9pt and I imagine one has to peer quite closely to read it.

    b) Did you print it from the PDF or GIF verson?

    c) Was there a specific product, output style and/or paper stock you requested from them?

    Also would you be able to e-mail me a few closeups photos of it so I can see how readable it came out and the quality of printing?

    • Hello Mohib,

      I kept the receipt for the printing. The cost was actually $18 to print the 8 foot by 3 foot timeline. I also paid another one dollar to print out the 10 pages of footnotes, and another $4.50 for a large mailing tube to protect the timeline. I will send you a copy of the receipt showing the details.

      a) It was printed full size, 8 feet by 3 feet.
      b) I printed from the PDF version.
      c) I simply asked if it was possible to print such a large document, but did not select any particular paper. They had a large format printer with a with a three foot wide roll of paper that seems like normal typing paper to me. Luckily, the document was 34 inches wide, so the 36 inch paper was perfect

      The quality of the printing was excellent, and I will send you a close-up. The down-side is that there is no color, which may make some of the graphs less readable. You had a nice color scheme to tie the main threads of the document together. I made a weak attempt to reproduce that effect by outlining many of the boxes with colored markers.

      Perhaps you could make a version designed for black and white using different gray scales instead of the color boxes.

      I will send the close-up of part of the poster and the a photo of the printing receipt to the email address under which you submitted your comment.

      Please let me know if there is any more I can do to help.


  6. Hi,

    Just to let you know I have created a web page with a zoomable copy of the poster. It’s located at http://www.andyhcoates.com/climategate

    You may need to install Silverlight if you have not already done so.


    • Thanks Andy

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