Kevin O’Neill’s “semi-formal proof” that the North Pole has never been ice-free

July 18, 2010

In my previous post I highlighted Kevin O’Neill’s statement:

The North Pole has never been ice-free; not once in the history of the earth.

… and I can prove it. I’ll wager you $100 to be given to the other’s favorite charity. I suggest we use NSIDC’s 15% as the threshold for ice-free.

At that time I told Mr. O’Neill that I would post his proof on this blog.  The following is a text preface and the proof he submitted in the form of a jpeg image (saved by Mr. O’Neill here)…

I will respond to Mr. O’Neill’s “semi-formal proof” in a later post.


  1. That is one silly proof.

  2. The argument also proves that _every_ point on the earth “has never been ice free, not once in the history of the earth”.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a logical fallacy in the proof.

  3. Charlie,

    There’s no logical fallacy. What there is is a lesson: It’s stupid to define the North Pole as s point when discussing ice-free conditions in the Arctic – otherwise we get this sort of nonsense.

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