Kevin Trenberth on “loudly proclaimed confindent statements”

January 15, 2011

Kevin Trenberth is discussing the ramifications of Climategate with the American Meteorological Society.  He had this to say about the anthropogenic global warming “deniers”…

“their false claims have not been scrutinized or criticized anything like enough…Debating them about the science is not an approach that is recommended. In a debate it is impossible to counter lies, and caveated statements show up poorly against loudly proclaimed confident statements that often have little or no basis”

Yes, I see his point.  It must be really tough to get the truth across to the public with the onslaught of denier lies.   That phalanx of well coordinated and lavishly financed deniers have grabbed all the attention, and the level-headed warnings coming from people like Trenberth are all but drowned out.  His perseverance against such odds is truly awe-inspiring.

Who makes the loudest proclimations?

Try these Google searches…

“global warming”  (past year) 103,000,000 hits
“climate change” (past year) : 295,000,000
climategate (past year): 1,870,000

Yup, the combination of “global warming” and “climate change” outpaced “climategate” by 200 to 1.   Do the search on “climate change” and then tell me how many of the hits support the party line and how many support the “deniers.” 

I’ll  help you out with this exercise.   Look the first page of hits – every hit supports the party line on AGW.  Same with the second page.  Same with the third. 

"Climate Change" search page 30

We can get a pretty good idea of the lay of the land by skipping down to the 30th page of hits.  (I have reproduced all the links below, any you can  see screen image by enlarging the image at the left).   I count one item that would fall into the “denier” camp (item #1 “Debating Climate Change with Anthropogenic Global Warming …”).  One or two might pass as neutral, all the rest follow the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) party line.

Now look at the paid ads above the search hits and on the right sidebar.  These links are also reproduced below.  All eleven of these paid ads follow the AGW party line.  Each add costs money and each one solicits for more money in one manner or another.  They represent well-funded, organized efforts to push the AGW view.

So who is really making all the  “loudly proclaimed confident statements?” 

What has the “warmers” so upset? 

They get the vast majority of the press and the accolades.  They have more money and are highly organized.  The “deniers” are mostly a ragtag group of lone individuals motivated by personal interest and receiving zero compensation.  They are usually denigrated as kooks or quacks.

The problem is that those some of those “deniers” have more ability and insight than they are given credit for.  Some of them make some pretty good points, uncover some pretty big inconsistencies and exaggerations, and ask some pretty tough questions.

Trenberth’s “future hurricane”

Speaking of “loudly proclaimed confident statements that often have little or no basis,” try this one on for size…

Trenberth’s future hurricane at same scale as Katrina (inset)

This is Trenberth’s less than caveated “future hurricane” from his 2007 Scientific American article.  The inset shows hurricane Katrina at the same scale as his “future hurricane.”   If  Trenberth is at all curious about why his message seems to be losing traction, maybe he ought to look in the mirror for the perpetrator of a “loudly proclaimed confident statement that [has] little or no basis.”


30th page Google search results…

    1. Debating Climate Change with Anthropogenic Global Warming

      Oct 18, 2010 – In another conference I was once again asking questions about AGW and why Believers seem so adamant when there are so many unanswered questions….
    2. NOAA Education – Primarily for Teachers ( Climate Change and Our

      Nov 30, 2010Climate Change and Our Planet. These items are designed for the teacher to use in CLIMATE CHANGE. PALEOCLIMATE. ICE AND THE ARCTIC. GLOBAL OBSERVATIONS
    3. NewsDaily: Scientists see climate change link to Australian floods

      2 days agoClimate change has likely intensified the monsoon rains that have triggered record floods in Australia’s Queensland state, scientists said on Wednesday,
    4. Climate Change in the Pacific Region

      Nov 3, 2010Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest, a website of the Pacific Region U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
    5. Climate Change : Weather Underground

      Dec 25, 2010 – Welcome to the Weather Underground’s new Climate Change page! But while it is good to objectively question the science of climate change,
    6. CIWMB Climate Change Home Page

      Aug 13, 2010 – Describes the role the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) is fulfilling in implementing the Governor’s climate change
    7. Planet Change | Inspiring people to learn about climate change and

      6 hours ago – As our coastlines erode, we are also losing some of our great Massachusetts beach stories. But if we can adapt to climate change, we can save our beaches
    8. Climate change blamed as coastal whale migration dwindles

      Apr 13, 2010 – Michael Smith scanned the horizon, searching for the telltale sign that a whale and her youngster were near. With his powerful binoculars trained on the sea
    9. Nation & World | Conservative scientists take on climate change

      Jan 6, 2011 – In much the same role that marriage and abortion played in previous election cycles, denial of climate change has become a litmus test for the right.
    10. Climate Change: The Next Generation

      4 minutes ago – Education, politics and opinions about climate change evidence for Climate change, theory of planned behavior and values: a structural equation model

30th page Paid Ads

Adds from the sidebar

  1. What Is Climate Change

    New Study: Effects of Warming on
    Foreign Policy & National Security

  2. Al Gore & Climate Change

    New Report Says Global Warming
    Is “Undeniable.” Repower America!

  3. Climate Change

    CARE is working to help women
    affected by climate change.

  4. Stop Global Warming

    Get Simple Action Tips
    Let Your Voice Be Heard!

  5. Climate Change?

    Get the latest news and analysis
    Visit American Farmland Trust!

  6. Global Warming:

    Stop climate change now: how we can
    use the deserts to produce energy.

  7. Changing climate

    Facts about Global Warming
    Info, volunteer ideas and grants

  8. Games

    Learn about Climate Change
    With Interactive Games & Tips

Ads above the search hits

    1. What is Climate Change?

      It’s Not Just About Polar Ice Caps. Learn How Climate Change Harms You.

    2. Climate Change

      Facts, dangers, science, and myths. Plus how YOU can make a difference!

    3. Stossel & Climate Change

      Reporter Denies Climate Change Speaks at Conference

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