ClimateCentral and Michael D. Lemonick are afraid to really “connect the dots”

April 22, 2012

I posted a comment at ClimateCentral yesterday, but they are afraid to let you see it.  The particular article was ostensibly the work of Michael D. Lemonick, a veteran Time magazine science author.  His biographical blurb at ClimateCentral says that he has taught “science” at Princeton, Columbia and John Hopkins, but his degree is a Master of Science in Journalism.  So much for introductions.

Why do I say he is the “ostensible” author of the article at ClimateCentral?  Because the article is steeped with the “connect the dots” talking points

Lemonick tells us the public is “connecting the dots” about “extreme weather” and they finally “get it.”  He explicitly mentions that people are “connecting the dots” concerning tornadoes and hurricanes, with the majority believing they are getting worse due to “changing climate”.

Lest I be accused of violating ClimateCentral’s “comment guidelines”, here is a screenprint of my comment as it appeared when I submitted it.  I have blanked out my email address and location, and I have circled the URL of the ClimateCentral article where I submitted the comment.

Here is the text of my comment…

Perhaps the folks who “get it” might consider the following data…

From the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, number of strong to violent tornadoes as a function of time (1950 to present)

Or how about Global and Northern Hemisphere Accumulated Cyclone Energy…

If people are interested in “connecting the dots,” well here are a few more to connect…


I guess I can understand ClimateCentral’s reticence about posting my comment: they wouldn’t want a few facts to foster any “doubt and confusion” about the end of the world.  Here is what the links in my comment showed…

One comment

  1. It’s very easy to connect the dots. Climate alarmism is not about climate. It is a means to a political end. Period.

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