The Search for Acceleration, part 4: Mea Culpa

June 30, 2013

magnifying glass 145I had a big mistake in my last two posts…

The Search for Acceleration, part 2: East Coast of North America


The Search for Acceleration, part 3: Japan

The error caused my rise rate calculations to be off by a factor of 12! This was because I failed to account for the monthly increments in the RLR data.  This mistake caused large errors on my conclusions, which have now been corrected.

I use National Instruments LabVIEW software for all of my coding.  LabVIEW is an advanced graphical programming platform that makes it possible to write sophisticated code in a completely graphical environment.  That is, no lines of text as in the more traditional languages like Fortran or C.  Instead, various sub-programs (or “sub-VIs” in LabView parlance) can be wired together to create complex programs that would take much longer to write other languages.

The image below shows the mistake I made.  Mea Culpa.

LabView error


  1. Tom, the mark of a trustworthy source is his willingness to admit his errors and correct them, rather than try to hide or minimize them. You’re a good man.

    And LabView sounds very strange and interesting!

    • Dave,

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is a little embarrassing to make such a glaring error, but I could not let it go uncorrected.


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