Definition: Barber Event

May 9, 2015

A monumental climatic event is unfolding before our eyes this year.  The ramifications will affect entire human race, nay, the entire community of Gaia dwelling souls.

 David Barber, 21st Century Arctic Explorer, has been warning us for years, but too many of us have been blinded by our greed for oil and money.  The Arctic will go completely ice free this summer.  This will no doubt force polar bears into extinction and set off a globe spreading chain reaction of extinction and desolation.

This extraordinary occasion deserves its own geological name.  I propose we call it the “Barber Event.”

Here is what will happen to Arctic sea ice…

SSMI ice extent 150506 v3

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  1. Well, so far, the ice melt has been tracking 2006 pretty closely, and 2006 was no where near a record low minimum.

    I guess he’ll have to live with his disappointment – and all those fat living-and-breathing polar bears mocking his audacity.


    • “Bull” has two “l”s

  3. Don’t the Inuit have a term for the present era that goes “time of the many polar bears”?

  4. The Barber Event is brilliant satire. If not the title of this blog is missing a couple of letters, specifically ‘In’ which would go before the ‘San’, and your embarrassment should cause you to review your faith.

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