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Kirk Sorensen – The Promise of Thorium in Meeting Future World Energy Demand

September 28, 2015

If you really care about future energy abundance, then you should watch this video from Kirk Sorensen.   I believe that Thorium offers the world truly fantastic possibilities…


Great video on Liquid Floride Thorium Reactors – LFTR

November 14, 2012

Here is a video that has already been seen by over 300,000 times.  It is well worth your while if you have not alreardy seen it.  It is two hours of shoestring production, but rich in content.

Kirk Sorensen is an aerospace engineer with a passion for promoting Thorium energy.  Not just any Thorium energy, but specifically Liquid Floride Thorium Reactors (LFTR – pronounced “lifter”).  You can see much more at

Kids in the US spend about 12,000 hours sitting in classrooms by the time they graduate from high school.  Vast amounts of that time are wasted on nonsense and trivialities.  If 0.2% of that time were spent on getting them to understand the content of this video, it would change the world.