Temperature, Sea-Level and Sea-Level Modifier Data


Sea Level

SL TW90 from Rahmstorf 2011.txt
SL TW90 digitized from original source.txt
SL satellite msl_ib_ns version_2012_rel2.txt
SL satellite msl_ib_ns version_2012_rel2 year smooth.txt
SL satellite from Rahmstorf 2011.txt
SL JE08.txt
SL HW04.txt
SL HW04 from Rahmstorf 2011.txt
SL H07.txt
SL GL87.txt
SL CW11.txt
SL CW09.txt
SL CW06monthly.txt
SL CW06.txt


T HadCRUT3Vg.txt
T HadCRUT3gl.txt
T GISS Land Ocean.txt

Sea Level modifiers

SRS Pokhrel 2012.txt SRS Pokhrel 2012 - flat extrapolation to 1880.txt
RS Pokhrel 2012.txt
RS Pokhrel 2012 - extrapolated to 1880.txt
RS Chao 2008.txt 
RS Wada 2012.txt (removed - same as RS Chao 2008, 9/21/12)
GWD Wada 2012.txt (filename corrected 9/19/12)
GWD Wada 2010 - extrapolated to 1880.txt
GWD Pokhrel 2012.txt 
GWD Pokhrel 2012 - extrapolated to 1880.txt


  1. […] You can see the data files here. […]

  2. Excellent! I’ve linked to this page on the “resources” page of my sealevel.info site.

  3. I am working on modeling uncertainties in the sea level rise projections. your site is a very rich and complete source of information. Many thanks;

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