I have paid Mr. O’Neill’s debt for him

August 5, 2010

I have been involved in a wager with Kevin O’Neill.  He claimed

“The North Pole has never been ice-free; not once in the history of the earth.

… and I can prove it. I’ll wager you $100 to be given to the other’s favorite charity.”

I took Mr. O’Neill up on this challenge and I chose Save the Children as my designated charity.  Mr. O’Neill chose Fisher House.  It is pretty obvious who won this challenge, as  the poll in my previous post underscores.  As I predicted, Mr. O’Neill has not paid his debt.  So,  I have paid Save the Children $100 myself to prevent them  from being stiffed by Mr. O’Neill.  Here is the email receipt (with my personal information blocked out)…

One comment

  1. Well, at least he has a good charity.

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